Will I have access to wifi?
The Burdekin Library has a public wifi access point. During normal library hours go to the front desk and staff will provide you with a ticket with a username and password to access the service. You are able to use it outside the library in the area between the library and the green room door.

Is Photography allowed?
The Burdekin Theatre has a STRICT policy of NO PHOTOGRAPHY by ANY DEVICE in the Theatre. We will be enforcing this policy. It is distracting for those near you and competitors. We ask for your co-operation with this during the eisteddfod. The committee will be providing official photographic services for the dance sections of the competitions please see the Photographic services page on the website for details.

PLEASE NOTE: No filming/photography is permitted in the teachers side stage and back stage  (with iPhones or other devices) or the photography of any students (and their costumes) – Unless they are from the same dance studio.

Judging Criteria
Where possible we will publish the criteria adjudicators will use when judging sections.